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Shop & Brand Ambassadors

Meet Our Passionate Ambassadors: Leaders in the Outdoor Sports Community

At Little Ed’s, we're passionate about cycling, paddle boarding, alpine and Nordic skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing. We take pride in supporting the vibrant communities surrounding these sports, celebrating those who go above and beyond to keep them thriving.

We're dedicated to building a community of ambassadors who share our values and strive to positively impact the cycling community and beyond.

Our ambassadors are leaders in the cycling community, committed to race programs, education and training, volunteering, and organizing events.

Meet our Shop & Brand Ambassadors below.

Mike Dionne

Mike's passion for cycling began with BMX and has since expanded to include MTB Enduro racing. An active member of his community, he also enjoys gravel and fat bike rides, sharing his love for all things cycling.

James Frost

James, an avid cyclist, actively engages in his community while conquering local trails on his Norco bikes. He also competes in the North America Enduro circuit, showcasing his skills and passion for the sport.

Noelle Wansbrough

Noelle, owner of Pedalpushers Cycling, has a deep-rooted passion for enhancing the cycling community. Her commitment and leadership have significantly elevated local cycling initiatives, fostering a vibrant and inclusive environment for all riders.

Tyler Barrett

In a short time, Tyler has embraced the local mountain biking race scene with his Norco Optic. As an active volunteer with CORC, he dedicates his efforts to building and maintaining trails, enhancing the community for all riders.

Maggie Smyth

Maggie, an avid outdoor enthusiast, thrives on challenges. She paddles her Tahe SUP locally and in the Caribbean. Also actively participates and helps facilitate with She ShrED's. You'll also find her shredding the slopes in winter.

Kimm Grant

She ShrED's Ambassador, avid cyclist and Skier, Kimm is a leader bring gals together for fun in the outdoors. You'll catch her ripping her Norco Optic on Tuesday's with the ladies. 

J DeHetre

Shop owner and avid cyclist and skier, he spends time in multiple cycling disciplines riding Norco & Salsa bikes. You'll find him cruising around the escarpment in the winter on Kastle & K2 Skis and Rossignol backcountry Nordic skis.

Sheldon Simpkin

Avid Skier is probably an understatement for this guy. He will not hesitate to call in late on a pow day. Sheldon rides Scott and Norco bikes, and is ripping the slopes on Elan and Kastle skis. 

Melissa Kennett

Mel is a Ski/Bike Tech, Mom Extraordinaire, and avid snowboarder. As the VP for Collingwood Offroad Cycling, she plays a crucial role in the community. Additionally, Mel gives back as a She Shreds ambassador. You'll find her on her Salomon board in the winter and riding her Scott and Norco bikes in the summer.

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