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Boot Fitting


Our Boot Fitting Services

We've joined the Pulse Boot Lab brand offering Precision and Experience for the Ultimate Fit

A PULSE Custom Boot is focused on the most important, and complex piece of your equipment – your boots. What makes PULSE bootfitting different is our experienced bootfitters combined with our R&D department.  With over 20 years of international expertise, we take the apprehension out of the purchasing experience and fitting process.

Our team works tirelessly to ensure that your fitting experience is based on information, science and technology versus smoke and mirror sales tactics. With the Pulse Boot Lab technology & innovation, we are able to effectively fit and service every skier ability from entry level to industry professionals.

Boot Fitting ServicesWhen you bring your own bootsWhen you purchase boot from us
at regular price
3D Foot Scan$35 Included
Boot fit assessment
Boot 'Punch' workStarting at
Custom Foot bed$220$220
Intuition Liner & fit Starting at
Starting at

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Put Your Best Foot Forward

Ready to find the boots that will support you through all of your winter adventures? We have an excellent selection from top brands, and we're here to ensure that your boots are the perfect fit. Shop online and pickup your items for free on your next visit.

$487.49 - $649.99
$195.99 - $279.99
$384.99 - $549.99
$153.99 - $219.99
$384.97 - $549.95
$524.99 - $749.99
$90.99 - $129.99
$454.99 - $649.99