All winter gear is out and Ski, Snowboard, and skate tuning has begun.
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Phat TrED's Winter Cycling Club


Welcome to Little Ed's Winter Cycling Fat Bike Club. 

Do you know the best Fat Bike loops and when you should or shouldn’t be riding? Do you have a group to ride with? No? Time to get into this club! We’re kicking off Little Ed’s Fat trED’s Fatbike Club to help promote the Fat biking community. There are many amazing places to ride in our backyard and in our surrounding area with a short drive outside of Collingwood. We’ll explore them all!

We'll be riding Thursday's & some weekends days! Thursday ride and social with some weekend rides peppered into the schedule. Thursday evening rides will require some lights. Weekend rides will be during daylight hours.

When conditions are favorable, and you’ll soon learn how often ride locations change because of snow conditions, we’ll ride Highlands Nordic, 3 Stages, Wasaga Provincial Park, Dufferin County Forest, Mansfield Outdoor Center, SCMBC trails. When conditions change or are unfavorable, we’ll ride Collingwood trails and enjoy more social activities than riding. 

So you don’t have a Fat Bike eh? We’ve got you covered. Our rental fleet will be available for all rides and some locations will also have rentals available. If you don’t have a bike, there will be plenty of opportunities to try one out. 

Oh you have a bike? The only requirements we have is that it’s officially a fat bike tire! 3.8+ tires. Typically 4.0 or 4.5 these days. Studded tires  or not, it’s the rider's choice.


Ride/Events List 

December 2022

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December 4th

 Global Fat Bike Day

 Location: Mansfield Outdoor Center

 Fee: ~$10

 Time: 10am

 Notes: Chilli available to purchase. Good Lot  Brewery Samples. 


December 8th

December 15th

 Kick Off - Gear check @ Little Ed’s

 Fee: FREE, but only 30 spots for the Apres

 Time: 5PM (Bike lights required)

 Notes: Short ride on Collingwood Trails. Get to know your bike. Gear talk. Planning and building excitment for the winter riding season.

 Ticket Link:



**If snow conditions improve and trails are ready for riding, we'll add some rides in December. Check back here often. 


January 2023

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January 12th

Local ride, Collingwood trails. Little Ed's to Collingwood Brewery. 

Fee: Free

Time: 5PM (Bike lights required) 




January 26th

Local ride, Collingwood trails. Little Ed's to ??

Fee: Free

Time: 5PM (Bike lights required) 




 Wasaga Beach Provincial Park


 Time: 2:30pm

 Notes: Weather and conditions dependant


January ?

 Highlands Nordic Ride


 Time: 2pm

 Notes: This is a big ride! 




We’ve got many shop Ambassadors stepping up to lead rides. Remember, everyone’s volunteering to help this community.



Julia - 2022 Provincial Champion, Dedicated Cyclist

 At 13, this gals enthusiasm, dedication and grit makes her the perfect fit to energize other youth to ride. Julia will be leading special groups of teens on our rides. A total joy to cycle with, Julia is a gem on our team of Ambassadors. Someday we hope to keep up with her. It’s good to have dreams right? 

Jeremy - Fat Bike Enthusiast, Cycling legend

Jeremy wakes up with his feet peddling. Riding year round on snow or dirt, he’s a joy to ride with and always an encouraging voice on the trail. Extremely knowledgeable in the art of gear, he’s an amazing wealth of information to help you keep warm, ride fast, far and long.  

 Quadmaster 4000 will lead all levels of rides. He’s an expert navigator in the SCMBC trail network. 



Erik - Fat Bike Enthusiast, Coach

You’ll find Erik pushing his physical fitness boundaries excelling while riding on his home turf at Nordic Hylands. Erik is a coach with the Collingwood Collective race team, CCI MTB team, and also sits on the Collingwood Off Road Cycling (CORC) board of directors. We think he takes his cycling pretty seriously and are always grateful for pushing the sport further in our community. 


In this group, Erik will be leading some of the more challenging rides. Pick your poison… ;) 


J - Fat Bike Newbee, Cheerleader, Dad, turns a few wrenches

Riding Fat Bikes for a couple years and still developing skills and knowledge. Being an avid Mountain Biker, his riding skills have easily transferred to Fat Biking. J will be leading most social rides and organizing the ride dates and locations. 


Earn your pizza slices, some of these rides will be for the whole family. 

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