The Speed Zone 6 skis with bindings are an amazing setup for beginner and intermediate skiers who are looking to break out of their comfort zone and gain some extra confidence out there on the hill. 


It's hard to know sometimes when it's appropriate to push forward, and sometimes having the right gear makes all the difference. The Speed Zone 6 skis with Xpress bindings are just the tools for the job. 


Ski Length available in cm: 151, 158, 165

Dynastar SPEEDZONE 6 Ski + Binding

Ski Length
  • Dynastar's Speed Zone 6 has a lot of positives for skiers to hold on to.


    The Active Air Core is where it all starts, as it's a blend of polyurethane and wood to increase snap and pop without adding weight.  Easy turning is a huge goal for a lot of skiers, and when the core is light and energetic, it goes a long way to help skiers really get into their comfort zone in terms of turn shape and duration.  Helping out in the turn department is the 13-meter turn radius at the 165 cm length.  This is pretty short, and will certainly help skiers to get the ski on edge and finish some beautiful and round carves.


    Look Xpress 10 Binding included: The XPRESS 10 is an ultra-lightweight, tool-free integrated system binding. The XPRESS is 700g lighter than traditional alpine bindings and have 35% less environmental impact while offering strong power transmission, shock absorption and an easy step-in design.


    Size of ski based on height and ability.

    Beginnger: Skier height less 10cm.

    Intermediate: Skier height less 7cm

    Comfirmed: Skier height less 5cm

    Expert: Skier height plus or minus  5cm

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