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$279.99 $399.99 30% Off
Seek and turn for another best day. The versatile backcountry design of the BC 100 Positrack ski keeps your options open. With equal parts turn and tour in the design, the ski is light enough for swift overland travel, while generous sidecut and modest tip rocker encourage make for easy turning in a range of conditions. The waxless Positrack base maintains a great blend of grip and glide in all conditions with no prep. Aftermarket climbing skins are available for touring. All-Conditions Kick and Glide - Waxless Positrack base features a positive base structure for the best blend of kick and glide in all snow conditions Alpine Compatible - Features an alpine binding mount plate for mounting telemark, alpine touring or alpine bindings Downhill Control - Full-length steel edges increase edge grip and control for downhill skiing Light, Playful Performance - Air Tip technology enhances flotation and control in deep snow conditions Easy Handling - Activ Cap offers a balance of torsional rigidity and supple flex from tip to tail for all conditions stability **Extra shipping charges apply.
$524.99 $699.99 25% Off
One-Liner: Because not every day is a powder day. When soft snow is in short supply, turn to the K2 Mindbender 89Ti men's freeride ski. Although it's built with the same Titanal Y-Beam construction and All-Terrain Rocker profile as its other metal-reinforced Mindbender siblings, the 89Ti stands apart thanks to a narrower waist width. Its All-Terrain Rocker profile knows no bounds and keeps you nimble enough to navigate bumps, trees, and the occasional chop. The result is a ski that has the precise edge hold you need to dominate the hardpack but is still wide enough for forays into the ungroomed. - Dimensions: 130 - 89 - 114 - Rocker: All-Terrain Rocker - Edge Bevel: 1.5 x 2.0 - Drill Spec: 4.1 x 9.5 - Core: Aspen Veneer - Tech Features: Ti Y-Beam ALL-TERRAIN ROCKER™: all terrain rocker Skis with All-Terrain rocker have a gradual rise to the tip for great versatility in all conditions, with a short, low rise in the tail for added control variable snow. TITANAL Y-BEAM: Titanal has long been used in high-end skis and is known for providing a damp, stable ride at high speeds and on variable terrain, but our Y-Beam technology takes things a step further with dramatically enhanced performance tuning. Y-shaped prongs set over the edges in the shovel of the ski provide precise, powerful turn initiation, while the narrower metal shape in the tail of the ski provides the support you need for charging while still remaining maneuverable, forgiving, and easy to break free from turns. You can find Titanal Y-Beam technology on our Mindbender 108Ti, Mindbender 99Ti, Mindbender 89Ti, Mindbender 99Ti W, and Mindbender 89Ti W skis. ASPEN CORE: Lightweight and resilient, great all-around material.
$562.49 $749.99 25% Off
One-Liner: High performance meets forgiveness in this versatile piste performer. The Disruption 78C W is the complete package – nimble and lively thanks to its carbon I-Beam construction, and still delivers the edge grip you need to arc some serious turns on the hardpack. With classic Disruption construction, the 78C's Speed Rocker and Titanal I-Beam keep things stable and precise when you're going edge to edge. This women's-specific piste ski will keep you carving from first chair to last. - Dimensions: 123 - 78 - 108 - Rocker: Speed Rocker - Edge Bevel: 1.2 x 2.0 - Drill Spec: 3.6 x 9.5 - Core: Aspen Veneer - Tech Features 1: Dark Matter Damping - Tech Features 2: Carbon I-Beam - Tech Features 3: Powerwall Sidewalls SPEED ROCKER™: Short and low rise in the tip for quick turn initiation and precise steering. ASPEN CORE: Lightweight and resilient, great all-around material. DARK MATTER DAMPING - DMD: Space. The final frontier. The object of many a child's fascination. And yet with so much of this supra terra discovery, there's still so much to uncover. We harnessed this great unknown —these depths beyond the conception of gravity as we know it — to improve edge contact on rough and firm snow. It's called Dark Matter Damping — a process in which we sandwich a polymeric damper between two layers of high modulus carbon, and strategically place it along the ski edge. While your grasp of the outer reaches of our celestial sphere may be limited, DMD is a much simpler construct: improved edge grip and control. And with more grip and control, you can push faster, harder, and pull into the turn like never before. Get ready for liftoff, it's time to rage. CARBON I-BEAM: Full-length uni-directional carbon running from tip to tail, providing increased accuracy and energy along the entire length of the ski. POWERWALL: Power transfer is dramatically enhanced with the oversized ABS sidewalls that are laminated and pocketed within the woodcore in the midbody of the ski. With the sidewall extending into the heart of the ski, the transmission of energy from skier to ski edge is direct and precise.
$569.98 $949.99 40% Off
Designed for expert level skiers with racing in their DNA, the Speed Magic is the ultimate carving tool for women who grip it and rip it on the groomers and keep coming back for more. The Speed Magic is the piste powerhouse designed with the new R2Frame wood core for expert level female skiers who come to the slopes with a racer's DNA and demand every ounce of precision and agility from her skis. KEY CHARACTERISTICS Most precise edge grip Powerful Rebound Superior short turn performance Lightning-fast turn entry and exit Designed for the most demanding skiers
$600.00 $899.99 33% Off
Nimble and quick, the Wildcat 82 C carves on the hardpack with precision and smoothly navigates ungroomed snow with confidence. If you are looking for a best friend to cruise with all day long, look no further than the Wildcat 82 C. Made with the best innovation in the game, it is designed to get the most out of skiers. The lightweight laminated wood core provides a stable and smooth ride, while the carbon reinforcement layer creates a dynamic, light, playful style of all-mountain skiing. KEY CHARACTERISTICS Smoother Ride More Versatile Footprint for all conditions Better edge to edge quickness Powerful Edge Grip Quick Turn Entry & Exit Powerful Rebound
$699.99 $1,499.99 53% Off
Elan is proud to collaborate with Porsche Design to offer extraordinary precision in the all-new Porsche Design Elan Amphibio. It's the pinnacle of design excellence and on snow performance. Made for the expert skier who likes to go fast on the highway and the slopes, Porsche Design meets Elan Black Edition. The collaborative ski design is a piste powerhouse and sure to turn heads on the slopes and beyond. Engineered with the highest level of technology and premium materials, this sleek machine will melt the ice under your boots and devour any slope in sight. The Porsche Design Elan Amphibio is the ultimate ride made with Elan's award-winning technology and finished with top-shelf style inspired by Porsche Design. Ready to take on any part of the mountain in perfect form with Amphibio Truline Technology, the Porsche Design Elan Amphibio is engineered to be more stable than a racing ski and easier to handle than a backside ski. Exceeding expectations when two legendary brands come to together on innovation and design. Length Radius: 172 (15.7) System: Fusion X Plate: Carbon Plate Profile: Amphibio Binding: EMX 12.0 GW FUSION X BLK/SIL Technology Amphibio TruLine Technology RST Sidewall Laminated Woodcore Dual Ti, Carbon NanoTech running base **extra shipping fees apply.
$1,399.99 $1,599.99 13% Off
Fat bikes feature ultra-wide tires that allow riders to take on snow, sand, rocks, trails, and just about any other obstacle. There is no season they can't ride in. They are easy to pedal, lighter than you'd expect, and just plain fun to take out and ride. - Fork upgrades available: Manitou Mastodon Pro 100mm or Carbon Fork Option **Sale on in-stock bike only. **Shipping available for an additional fee.
$1,699.99 $2,349.99 28% Off
To explore the many facets of fatbiking, whether it be adventure – capital A, performance handling in snowy forests or simply enjoying a winter stroll, the Gros Louis 2 is at your service for fun and thrills. Its aluminum frame is designed close to the ground which allows you to easily get back on the saddle even with both feet in powder snow. Add to that hydraulic disc brakes designed for winter conditions, clearance for 5-inch tires and a choice of two colorways, and all that's left to do is head out on your next adventure.
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